We are a small flexible team with constant, yet productive differences of opinion,  who are reaching solutions with mutual consensus and are passionate about what we do. Sometimes we tend to have too much fun, but many times we also stay late and work overtime, nights and weekends.
Aero Eng. Iztok Šalamon

Aero Eng. Iztok Šalamon

CEO, Design team leader, certification manager

    Mr. Miran Štirn

    Mr. Miran Štirn

    project management, finances

      Klemen Špes

      Klemen Špes

      Quaity manager

        Miha Sotlar

        Miha Sotlar

        Production manager

          ONE COMPANY

          Iztok Šalamon, the driving force  behind designing ONE,  has 20 years of experience  in sales, maintenance, flight training and flying with many successful light, sport and GA airplanes, which  are also the main source of all major design and construction solutions. The end-result  is  his  personal quest for perfection.

          All compromises  have been made with safety first in mind. The  main criteria was to design the ultimate: safe, affordable, attractive and top performance sport-family aircraft with 2+1 seating configuration that would fit in existing LSA and CS LSA  (2 seating configuration) category as well as future ELA1 and other emerging categories.

          Aircraft features that were fundamental to design:

          • extreme safety of passengers with 360 roll cage,
          • comfortable and quiet interior,
          • top-class performance,
          • high-end avionic equipment,
          • excellent visibility,
          • ISOFIX connection for child seat (optional future 2+2 seat version)
          • harmonious and effortless flying experience that will provide user with ultimate sense of satisfaction and freedom.

          The company ONE pro d.o.o. was founded in 2014 and is a joint venture between two companies:  C2P d.o.o. and Kops pro d.o.o.   C2P d.o.o. designed ONE aircraft and has brought to the joint venture expertise from aircraft construction. Kops pro d.o.o., which supplies metal parts for ONE aircraft, has brought in experience from production.

          The production of innovative light aircrafts ONE takes place in a small town Grosuplje in the central part of Slovenia, where 30 to 40 of such aircrafts can be produced a year.

          Hybrid ONE

          In the future, we plan to make ONE aircraft even more perfected. Our engineers have been working on the production of its hybrid version. We’re already looking forward to testing!

          ONE with additional electric engine between Rotax engine flange and the propeller flange to add additional 25kW of power for take-off and climb phase of the flight. Electric engine will also be used in engine failure emergency. Planed endurance on electric engine is 12 minutes on 25kW of power.  Batteries are stored in the wing and under the seat, regulator is located on the firewall.

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