We are keen to announce, that new LSA model of one is coming out latter this year. We keep all safety features of ONE VLA design with lighter empty weight of the aircraft. Structural parts of the aircraft stay the same so gross weight is still 750kg. Most countries limit gross weight to 600kg ot [...]

My first experience with ONE aircraft


I didn’t realize what a memorable day this would become when I arrived at the Celje Airfield in NE Slovenia on that sunny July day, ready to test fly the legendary ONE Aircraft. I arrived at the airport during the late morning of July 14th 2016 , together with my friend Miran Stern (CEO of ONE Aircraft) where I was [...]


Birds are nesting… During July and August you can plan short holiday in Slovenia or Croatia. We have opened door all summer long. Just drop us a call or sent email and ONE will be waiting for you to test.


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ONE aircraft stand is busy, busy…


Again we are at AERO show. Welcome! B1-313

Sometimes flying feels divine…


We are testing several ONE candies for 2016. Today we took advantage of good weather. Photo from phone, but worth sharing…

One aircraft-page-001

In media about ONE you can find new article from AOPA plane owner…


Dear all.
ONEaircraft is probably best low wing 2+2 seat aircraft on the market today. Not said only by us who are of course in love with the ONE, but all the people that are test flying the aircraft, aviation magazine journalists, potential distributors and buyers. ONE is designed by pilots/engineers for pilots [...]

ONE got new front wheel cowling that is fused with front leg. WE gained + 2 KIAS and more streemlined look


Our distributor Alessio took his family for a flight on this weekends presentation in Italy.


You can do it to!

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