Alessio – Italian dealer prepared 2 days of testing with more than 15 interested to fly ONE.


What customers liked:

  • Wonderful look
  • Wonderful surfaces finishing
  • Comfort and stability for cruises
  • Ramp angle approach with full flaps (IMPRESSIVE J ) at 50 kts and very short landing distance
  • Controls homogeneity (roll and pitch)
  • Cruise [...]


Foto 01-07-15 20 17 03

Biggest Italian aviation magazine has tested ONE. Stay tuned for the whole article and more beautiful photos from the shooting…

You need to carry freight? No problem… you can put 90kg to back seats and 20 in rear language compartment, take 144l of fuel and a friend. Or a toilet…


And this is how you can do upgrade of your boat the ONE style…

We are experimenting together with RTV – radio television Slovenia to measure strength of TV signal around the transmitter antennas.
Today aircraft is flown “by hand” in 3km radius and in 25 meter altitude layers to get full 3D model of signal strength. In future advanced autopilot will fly the pre-programmed mission.

One crossing the alps on FL155 on Rotax 912iS.
ONE alps1
This configuration is ideal for flight schools who need low operational cost in above average performance.
Range over 1000NM with 140l of fuel with TAS 130KT.


We’re delighted to be among more than 630 exhibitors at the largest aviation trade fair in Europe and be able to share the opportunity to present our light aircraft ONE. AERO 2015 trade show will be held in Friedrichshafen, Germany from 15th- 18th April, where you can see our ONE aircraft up [...]


We have passed all static tests mandatory for CS-LSA certification yesterday.
Fuselage was loaded with 3800kg. engine mount 760kg.
Test of vertical tail, asymmetric loading of horizontal tail plus vertical was also done. We got confirmation of a safe structure.
ONE now has frozen composite structure, production of first 2 production aircraft has started, first public display will be on AERO show in April.


New milestone has been reached. New design horizontal tail has passed not only CS-LSA MTOW 600kg but also CS-VLA 750kg ultimate load +safety.




ONE new interior has been designed to accommodate pilots from 1,6 – 2m. With adjustable backrest and pedals. Without cushions…
It will be possible to use either stick or side stick. Even if you have a bigger tummy..



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