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One team in Serbia on the airshow in Batajnica.


Our guru Michael and his already production wing looking at different liveries presented by Max. Michael in representing future customers and provides valuable input to final design solutions.



One at Ozzano airshow 2012.


photo by Sergio Barlocchetti from Volare

All major moulds are finished this week. Finish is so good, that parts will be able to be painted in the mould. Serial production wing mould is in Senica and first sets of wings are arriving. All other composite parts are produced in Slovenia. We are getting ready for serial production… 2012-09-20 11.45.45

Air testing is finished. Last test was intended to optimise angle of pitot tube to show exact airspeed.
Prototype will fly till end of February, after that we will disassemble it and use to make some of the tooling for serial production. So if you want to fly, better do it fast. Next chance in February 2013.


Bellow some finall solutions of the interior and exterior and creative process connected to them. process inter top

Max has innovative approach to livery design. We enjoyed the process. He projected image to real 3D airplane in order to get the feel how design would look on actual aircraft. Se some of the results bellow.



First distributor contract has been signed for territory of Germany and Austria and first ONE aircraft sold to dr. Michael Schuhbeck from Bavaria . Michael is one of the biggest fans of ONE since first official introduction in Friedrichshafen in 2011. He is actively following our development putting a lot of effort to assisting to shape production solutions from customers perspective. We all have fun while doing it.
We have started with production of first two serial production aircraft one for Michael and one for us [...]

In cooperation with Italian design studio MBvision and Max Pinucci we are close to final panel and interior. Ambition is to have upper class feeling, with smart design features and logical functionality and natural ergonomic for long flights.
We have introduced the interior in Bitburg airshow and got very positive response and now we are sharing it with you.
Let us I know if you like it or if you have an idea [...]

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