As promised, we are posting some major design changes, that will be incorporated in production aircraft versus prototype.

Wing dihedral from 4 to 6 degrees


Original 4 degrees


Increased 6 degree [...]

Wing 3D documentation and laminate plan according to new design (bigger flap and aileron area, different flap design, optimised laminate plan and location of hardware) is finished.
We are starting production of wing for static test with load cases for CS-LSA certification on Monday 27th February, test is planned for mid March.
We promise to publish test video and pictures as soon as it is done.

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We decided to start a blog to keep you posted with our progress and plans.

1. We are extremely satisfied with how aircraft flies; that is why we have decided to start production in our own organization.
2. We are starting EASA certification procedure for CS-LSA which is expected to be finished in mid 2013. Aircraft can already be registered with EASA on restricted type certification – permit to fly with EASA till we [...]

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