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Testing in Italy – customers say ONE è bellissimo

Alessio – Italian dealer prepared 2 days of testing with more than 15 interested to fly ONE.


What customers liked:

  • Wonderful look
  • Wonderful surfaces finishing
  • Comfort and stability for cruises
  • Ramp angle approach with full flaps (IMPRESSIVE J ) at 50 kts and very short landing distance
  • Controls homogeneity (roll and pitch)
  • Cruise speed (about 125 Kts 5000 rpm 27 map with 35° air temp)


What customers disliked:

  • Only 3 point fastening seat belt (it could be possible to have 4 point?)
  • Low climb rate


ONE aircraft answer: 

  • 912iS iS engine trades off climb for low fuel consumption and high endurance. We must also consider “extreme” conditions – temperature 35C during testing, high density altitude and 750MTOW. You can not compare ONE with Virus or similar. All your comments connected to runway length and climb rate are solved with using turbo engine – you always get more than 1200 fpm. We will also offer 912iSTurbo with 135HP that should make ONE a rocket. Engine is suppose to be tested in the end of this year. 4 point seat belt is possible but only for 2 seating configuration.



Alessio Bartoloni – we say grazie

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