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Dear all.
ONEaircraft is probably best low wing 2+2 seat aircraft on the market today. Not said only by us who are of course in love with the ONE, but all the people that are test flying the aircraft, aviation magazine journalists, potential distributors and buyers. ONE is designed by pilots/engineers for pilots who will appreciate safety, performance and passion behind ONE.

Since 2015 we are in certification process for CS-VLA with EASA. Step 1 will be Rotax 914, MT hydraulic prop, Garmin G3X touch configuration, day VFR, 2 seats, MTOW 750kg. Type certificate is planned in mid 2017. After we get TC for that configuration, we plan to expand engine and avionics options, certify 3rd seat and nigh VFR and later IFR. Goal is that ONE can be used for up to ATPL flight training. All this is/will be possible under CS-VLA SC – special condition. We also plan US LSA (MTOW 600kg) configuration in 2016.
Today we sell our aircraft in experimental market. Quality of product is the same as will be for certified aircraft, since we are using certification standard in production. So buying an aircraft today for leisure non-commercial flying is a good bargain. Price for aircraft today – not certified is much more attractive. Certified aircraft will start from little under 200k EUR, you can get nicely equipped non-certified aircraft today for less than 125kEUR.

Your ONEaircraft sales and support team
Iztok, Boštjan, Miran

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